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  1. Amaryllis Says:

    I like the first pic, who did it?

    ‘Where’s your god now?’ it made me almost cry because it made me think of my cat, I lost my cat I don’t know where he is…

    I’m glad you made this blog because it gives me feed for thoughts 😉

    Keep blogging! 🙂

  2. touchmeimsick Says:

    Not too sure who did that first one but it’s so good. Thanks, I hope you find your cat!

  3. Amaryllis Says:

    You’re welcome and thank you it’s nice of you, my cat is back after 1 month! 😀
    Hey do you like Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind? I love it, it’s so beautiful.

  4. touchmeimsick Says:

    Yeah I do like that film, hence the stills, good concept and lines.

  5. Amaryllis Says:

    It’s very original, it is not like Romeo and Juliet. I think it’s poetic, there are good thoughts, I like the Nietzsche’s quote and all the screen captures you posted.

    If you want I’ve got pictures for you that made me think of your blog

    Tell me if you like or not.

  6. touchmeimsick Says:

    Yeah the Nietzsche quote is a good one, I also like that Kirsten says it while only wearing underwear, what a babe. That first one of Karl with a shoe gun is awesome thanks!

  7. Amaryllis Says:

    Haha Kirsten is cute and funny but she wears underwear only before the Nietzsche quote! I’am glad you liked that first one of Karl with a shoe gun, I knew you would like it.

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